Frequently Asked Questions

I have never surfed before. Does it matter?

No. In lots of cases it’s actually better to learn how to surf if you have never tried it before. Having a prior framework to work with can influence the outcome of a student’s learning experience, which doesn’t always translate into an advantage.

I'm a little nervous. What should I expect?

Expect to have fun! All you have to think about is showing up at the beach. There's nothing extra you have to do, so put those worries aside. The Surfbug guarantees each student a safe, comfortable and fun experience.

Do I need to bring any special equipment?

Nope. All lessons offered by The Surfbug come with everything you will need to get your surf on. A board and wetsuit are provided with each lesson.

How quickly will I learn?

Although factors like interest, experience, physical limitation and board size can certainly influence how quickly someone might pick up surfing, ultimately predicting that heavily anticipated “Aha!” moment isn’t something that can really be measured. Learning is a very personal experience that depends on each student’s circumstances and expectations, so it’s best to approach it this way. Chances are if you sit back, relax and actively participate in the learning process you might actually surprise yourself!

Why are surf lessons structured to spend 60 or 90 minutes in the water?

Learning how to surf uses a lot of energy. A novice surfer typically uses about twice as much energy as an amateur surfer. To keep lessons manageable, the time spent in the water is structured in 60 and 90-minute increments. A survey of students who have taken lessons even found the majority of them felt one hour was the limit before reaching exhaustion.

Are group lessons available?

Yes. Group lessons are a quick, fun and cheap way to take a surf lesson. Instruction is basic and practice takes place mostly on your own. They are perfect if you just want to try surfing with a group of friends, family or others like you. If you are interested in taking surfing seriously, then group lessons are not recommended.

What methods of payment are accepted?

Cash is only of payment that can be accepted at this time. Credit cards, checks or money orders are not accepted.

What if I want a receipt?

Hard copy receipts are available upon request at the time of payment.

How to I know where lessons will take place?

One you sign up for a lesson, detailed instructions on where to park and meet will be emailed to you.

Who is The Surfbug?

The Surfbug is a surf training and coaching business that was created and is run by Chris Silva, a surfer of 22 years. Chris is responsible for training programs, surf instruction, marketing, and managing business operations.

Is it better to surf in the summer or winter?

There is a common misconception among nonsurfers that it is better to surf in the summer. Although this might be true to guarantee that you surf on a warm and sunny day, the opposition is true for wave quality. Although the water is cooler, the surf is actually better in the fall and winter because weather patterns are more active during those seasons. This activity brings more frequent swells and larger waves, conditions every surfer looks forward to.