Private Lessons


$95 = 90 minutes

$130 = 120 minutes

For two or more people, see Rates.


Prefer the instructor's full attention? Then sign up for the surf lesson The Surfbug is most famous for! Enjoy high quality private surf lessons designed to meet your surfing goals. Get special treatment, full in-depth surf knowledge, extensive on-land instruction, 100% in-water guidance, and customized feedback. Individual lessons are available in 90 or 120-minute increments and specially designed bundle packages (see Packages).

What’s included with a private lesson:

  • Surfboard
  • Wetsuit
  • 25-minute land instruction
  • 60 or 90-minute in water surf time
  • Introduction to surfing (ocean anatomy, waves, boards, wetsuits, and more)
  • Surfing fundamentals, tips and techniques (wave selection, paddling, stance, safety, etc.)
  • Land and water instruction using The Surfbug's guide to learning how to surf
  • Targeted exercises (practice with support, then without)
  • Exclusive one-on-one attention (with tailored feedback)
  • Complimentary bottled water
  • Fun, safe, helpful experience!
  • Unlimited online surf knowledge support