What You Get


By far, The Surfbug’s most valued benefit is exceptional surf instruction. Each student is guaranteed to receive high-quality surf lessons because of the surf instructor's experience, teaching methods, and personalized approach. Time, energy and resources are continually devoted to ensuring The Surfbug offers the highest standard of teaching surf lessons possible.


Surf lessons are structured to focus on and invest in each student’s individual progress. Lessons aren’t farmed out to other surf instructors or surfers. Each lesson is created and taught by the same surf instructor. This exclusivity helps keep long-term training goals consistent, guarantees each student gets feedback tailored to fit their needs, and delivers better results in the end. 


The surf instructor, Chris Silva, is an experienced trainer, consultant and extreme sports enthusiast. He has taught surfing for over 16 years and across various academic, athletic and white-collar fields such as basketball, chess, Math, ESL, software, operations and customer service for 19 years. He has been an avid surfer for 22 years and enjoys skateboarding, bodyboarding, skimboarding, snowboarding, ice skating and rollerblading. He also led several successful performances in competitive basketball, baseball, soccer and volleyball. Chris’s diverse portfolio of experiences combined with a passion for teaching offer a unique ability to incorporate teaching methods for learning how to surf unlike any other.


The surf instructor has a fun, friendly, easy-going nature typically found at the center of every surfer’s heart. This aloha and the love for teaching are what drive The Surfbug’s motto that learning how to surf should be fun and easy. The instructor’s ultimate goal is to make every student feel happy, safe and comfortable with his or her learning experience.


Every student who takes a surf lesson with The Surfbug enjoys 24/7 support for as long as they commit to surfing. Whether it’s a question about which surfboard to buy or an itch for a surf tip, students are free to reach out to the instructor via phone, email, the website’s contact form, and social media anytime.  The Surfbug is always happy to give advice.